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SQR International Certification


You can verify your TÜRKAK accredited certificates by scanning the QR code on your certificate with QR code reading programs or by querying the QR code number at https://tbds.turkak.org.tr/.


SİGMACERT INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION TRAINING TESTING SERVICES LTD. CO., established in 2009, was taken over by Mustafa CİHAN in late 2015 and began providing services. Since that date, our company has adopted the principle of sustainable services and solutions, as well as sustainable communication. We follow a strategy of development and change, emphasizing growth and institutionalization.

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Sigmacert Global proudly presents! Turkey's most comprehensive food laboratory at your service.

With the same level of importance given to national security, we prioritize food safety and protect public health at the highest level. Through our industrial and social responsibility, we conduct reliable and fast analyses with scientific and academic rigor. These efforts support the food industry from production to consumption, ensuring the utmost precision and reliability.

We are always by your side, supporting you and your productions.


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